KAI9 Systems Offers Fully Trained Canines for Multiple Applications

In addition to specialized security and technology services KAI9 Systems offers fully trained canines for a number of applications. Our specialties include explosives detection, narcotics detection, and protection. Our canines are individually trained utilizing a patent pending curriculum that has been researched and refined over the past decade. Until recently, this curriculum has been available predominately to federal agencies until we recognized a growing need for professionally trained canine companions in the household. It’s always unfortunate when a owner/canine relationship fails to reach its potential due to poor communication.

For clients that desire a more streamlined approach we have developed a buying process that eliminates the common pitfalls of getting a new dog.

When you receive your KAI9 dog he or she will have undergone the following process:

  • Locating a puppy of the breed of your choice, all necessary veterinary procedures, and paperwork (rescue animals also available)
  • House or bathroom training
  • Socialization training (for people and animals)
  • Full initial obedience training (Sit, Stay, Down, Walk at Heel)
  • Manners training which addresses the most common issues that lead to frustration (food begging, jumping, digging, barking, and more)
  • Integrating you as the trainer in the relationship (bonding, managing, and leading your canine to success)

All KAI9 Systems dogs are procured specifically for our clients. We reject the idea of dogs as inventory, instead we search for your true companion once we understand your family’s needs. The KAI9 Systems training curriculum has been designed, implemented, tested, and refined with a focus on quality over quantity. For more information about our training process, the industries we service, or obtaining a KAI9 dog of your own please visit us at https://kai9systems.com/